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AwardsandHonors.com Launches… the Web’s First Comprehensive Awards Portal

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NORTH CALDWELL, N.J., Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ — The official launch of AwardsandHonors.com , the Web’s first comprehensive awards portal, was announced today by CEO Jon Gelberg. Featuring over 800 awards and honors and more than 32,000 award winners, AwardsandHonors.com provides news, trivia, polls, a calendar and a fully searchable database.

At AwardsandHonors.com, visitors find everything from the Oscars to the Nobel Prizes, from the latest National Book Awards winners to the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating champion. In between, visitors can access major awards and award winners from the worlds of entertainment, art and architecture, sports, science, hospitality, journalism, literature and education.

Award winners on the site date back as far as 1731 and are as up-to-date as last night’s Golden Globe Awards winners.

“People are obsessed with awards and AwardsandHonors.com is the perfect place to feed that obsession,” Gelberg said. “You can’t pick up a newspaper, turn on the TV or go online without being barraged with announcements of award nominees or award winners. With AwardsandHonors.com, you are one click away from everything you want to know about the world of awards and honors.”

AwardsandHonors.com is a great tool for teachers and students, for journalists and for anyone else who happens to be interested in the world’s greatest achievers. Whether you are researching a Nobel physicist or settling a bar bet, AwardsandHonors.com is the perfect destination.

AwardsandHonors.com isn’t just a terrific informational site. It also fosters community engagement, with features like MyAwards (where visitors can create personal pages to share news about awards and honors they have received) and OurAwards (where companies can create an award page heralding awards won by the company itself and by its employees), visitors become key members of the AwardsandHonors.com community.

At AwardsandHonors.com you’ll learn that Barack Obama has more Grammys (two) than The Who, The Kinks and Neil Young combined, that Ben Franklin is in the International Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame, and that George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Adolph Hitler and Pope John Paul II all share the same “honor” (Time Magazine’s Person of the Year).

  Other AwardsandHonors.com features include:    --  Up-to-the-minute Awards news and updates   --  A comprehensive Awards Calendar   --  "Tales of the Tape": where visitors find such unlikely match-ups as       Bing Crosby (Oscar 1944, Grammy 1962) vs. Sidney Crosby (NHL MVP       2007).   --  Awards Forum: a message board where visitors can discuss anything and       everything about awards and honors   --  E-mail newsletter

“They call this time of year awards season,” Gelberg said. “But the truth is, every season is awards season. Major awards are presented every week of the year and AwardsandHonors.com is there to give you all of the information you need.”

  About AwardsandHonors.com    http://www.awardsandhonors.com/  is a Web site of AwardsandHonors.com LLC.

CEO Jon Gelberg comes to AwardsandHonors.com from Marquis Who’s Who LLC, where, as Senior Managing Director, he was responsible for setting the standards for admission for Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World and other Who’s Who directories. The technological infrastructure for http://awardsandhonors.com/ was built by 1WebImage, Inc. in conjunction with AwardsandHonors.com LLC.

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